Why start climbing indoors with your children

Indoor climbing with your child or children is the best sport I know of and it Bristol it has a huge scene. Climbing allows by its very nature you and your group to climbing together, in the very same area, while trying with as much passion and effort as each other and so all gaining the same benefits.

All the hard climbs, the easy climbs and the children climbs are mixed together, there is now adult area.

This means that you take it turns to literally climb the same bit of wall (albeit a different colour climb) and have the same fun experience. It’s fantastic, it always brings a smile to my face to see parents and children climbing together, especially if the child is beating the parent!

So don’t wait, give an indoor climbing centre a call and get you and your family climbing. Check out a previous article on the indoor climbing centres in Bristol which summarises the difference and what I view are each their best qualities.


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