What is Climbing and why is it good for families?

By its very nature climbing is a simple sport. No matter the climber’s age or ability they are often, if not always, trying their hardest to climb their best.

As the climber and the difficulty of the climbs progress the holds get smaller and the footholds worse, however, no matter the size, everyone in the family or group of friends are always trying their best and overcoming their own individual challenges.

Climbing is a sport where often you are only competing against yourself, this type of sport, therefore, lends itself perfectly to any group of friends or family of various generations wanting to get fitter, enjoy the same activity, while spending more time together.

Any parent aspiring to become a climber finds themselves on a level footing with their whole family even if it there first visits an indoor climbing wall. I cannot think of another sport similar to that.

No matter how old the family members are or how big the gaps, starting to climb indoors is the by far the best activity to bring all the family together I have ever seen and been a part off.

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