First trip Sport Climbing in Brean Down


Last Tuesday I found myself at Brean Down. Gavin Edwards, a friend from Bloc, had never been sport climbing before, or rather, had not been hard sport climbing, knowing Gav was strong inside I was keen to take him onto the rock.

Gavin, with his military background had be a adventure based climber for many years but now with his grips in Blocs bouldering centre he was keen to make those hard moves outside to see how he got on.

We Left Bristol on a early Tuesday morning and headed to “Costa del Brean”, nicknamed due to its sun trapping cove and beach.

high tide while climbing at brean

Normally an easy walk in to the climbs is expected this time however the tide was high, very high, forcing us to walk around the top rather than across the beach. Gavin seemed unable to escape the adventurist part of climbing.

For more info on climbing at Brean Down visit UKC here



A happy Gav after a days climbing
A happy Gav after a days climbing

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