ClimbUp Bristol is a non-profit organisation giving youngsters the opportunity to change their lives through a passion for climbing.

Nearly there

I am struggling to believe it however its true, ClimbUp Bristol is almost up and running!

I think its safe to say, its mostly thanks to the incredible efforts from Jess Solly who has collated and written so much information its hard foClimbUp Bristol Logo Blackr us mere mortals to keep up.

With all the important documents in place and now, even a logo, it is all starting to looking like progress and we are due to start our first block of 8 sessions next week.

A temporary home for ClimbUp

We will have ClimbUp Bristol temporarly reside here, on until we have enough time/money to create its own website, the page containing current information on ClimbUp Bristol can be found here.


Please help by following us here and spreading the idea. Facebook | Twitter





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