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The blast down from Bristol to climb magical mystery tour was a success in the fact that it was an outstanding adventure with some absolute top quality rock a solid team to lead the way and my new Madrock Sharks we just as good in the wet as the dry!

What wasn’t really a success was that I fell off..a lot. The tide was high and this time really high as we had not counted on the spring tides, all of the chalked holds we now either at feet level or nesting underwater.

On more than one occasion we were lifted clean of the climb by the waves, there were some big waves.

Pushing on though, mainly with the swimming we made it round the crag and back to land. With the see being warming once you had fallen in than the rock after the third splash it became less fun.

Swimming it was. Dragging ourselves to shore with Robin beaten both me and Vics on climbing distance  we head back the incredible short distance to the car and headed back to Bristol.

Absolute classic adventure with the failure of the route and at least 4 falls into the sea not having any impact on the incredible route.

Back at base the kit on the line and washed with clean water it was time for beers and recalling stories from the event

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