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Stag do day 3, 3 I think, not sure it all got a bit hazy after day 1… at some point on the trip we climbed at Carreg Y Barcud.

Windy as hell and much much steeper than it looks we ab’ed in to the solid try ledge that graces the entire crag.

Ron and Dave climbed side by side Ron on a HS , his first trad climb for years and Dave on an smart but thin looking E1, all was well and calm for a time, then the holds quickly ran out and the sky hooks found them selves no longer on the harness and held into place with some trusty bluetac.

Cailean walked up Kitten Claws, well to us he seemed to walk up, to him he said swore a lot and promised us that if we said he had gone up the E5 he would believe us. Death he said, never to be repeated.

I climbed the classic E1 slanting crack line, the line climbed amazingly well, with bomber gear all the way, bomber gear and no feet, but you can’t have it all I suppose.

To escape after rescuing the bags and gear myself and Dave climb the great looking HS up the double laybacks, the only shame was it was not longer, a quality line to take a client out climbing on.

Defiantly worth another couple of visits, be prepared for the hold sizes to decrease rapidly as the grade steps up.

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  • Cailean Climbing at Carry y Barrud
  • Ron Abseiling into Carra Y Barcud
  • Dave Climbing at Carra y Barced
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