Competition setting for Bloc Climbing Centre

Its comp day. Were in for the big set for the comp final today, Gaz and West were in yesterday smashing up 30 problems, 10 problems each for adult and children and then 10 that float for both. We about to start setting for the finals, simple enough hopefully but then these things never go […]

Exporting all my old posts from

Just exported all my olds posts from an old blog I had going ( well still is really ) at, which still has to be the easiest and quickest way to set up a website. Now going to load them all up and import ( hopefully ) all the old images e.t.c Thankfully wordpress […]

Getting the Site Going

Finally got round to creating a proper site for myself. I have spent so many hours this year building for others that I always felt hatred to get on the mac in my spare time, now I working at Bloc more and more and am on the hunt for sponsorships e.t.c to help keep me […]

How to build a poor mans TRX

After seeing this TRX used by Ben west, I new I HAD to have one! if you have not seen it used then head to youtube and check out a few videos, its a super slick way of training , low impact, inventive and easy to store. I fell in love with it straight away. […]