Feeling keen again for tech

With the rain and the cold coming both in full force I find my self back behind the desk getting up and running the new bristol climbing scene site while having a few new clients come up along with a few old ones looking for some more website development work. If you have a site […]

The New Bristol climbing Scene Site

Finally getting around to starting the Bristol climbing Scene site. I wanted a a central place to organise events, parties and to have a listing of all the great events bristol climbing centres are putting on. With 4 walls now its easy not to see old friends and even easier to miss an event! Hopefully […]

Another great Corporate Competition at Bloc

It was great to see another Corporate Competition go so well at Bloc Climbing Centre, After setting this one and the previous one up it was a real shame not to be there this time. I had a trip to Font planned and was gutted not to make it to see all the guy and […]

Activity Week at SMRT – Year 7

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the year 7’s at St Mary Redcliff and Temple school. I was working for Design Deliver facilitating the¬†School Challenge Teamwork and leadership sessions along with Alex George. We ran 3 sessions per day for the 5 days of activity week. Each session was aimed […]