Save Time – Auto Insert Commonly used Text Within iOS

I use iOS text-replacement frequently to save myself time and reduce typing errors while writing literally anything on my iPhone. Type a small group of letters i.e “sss” and like magic  “” appears. What actually happens The iOS text replacement system tracks all key strokes you make on the standard iOS keyboard and then, when […]

Reading blog posts on your Kindle…Finally!

I have been wanting to read long form blog posts or articles I find websites on my kindle for so long it hurts, all I really wanted was to read, read a lot while no leaning into my computer. I know there were suppose to be ways (before you all tell me about them) but they were not […]

Helping Hannah Slaney with her climber profile website

Paula Slaney came to me to ask for help with a site for Hannah Slaney. Hannah wanting to raise her profile to help gain more sponsors to aid her climbing carrier along with document her climbing career was in dire need of a good, clean and solid site. Paula was also in need of site that […]

Importing a large .sql database file into MAMP

This article written by helped me out so much and is cleanly written I had to re-share it. Full props go to Fatheadesign. The original article can be found here If you are struggling to import a larger database using MAMP you may have seen this image below, if you have you now how frustrating this […]

How to fix wordpress plugins that will not update or delete.

Very recently on 2 sites and I have the same problem or at least very similar, Plugins on my wordpress install would either not delete or update or both. The issue after many annoying hours was that my host due to issues “they say” with my domain had alter some permissions, I am […]