Escaping to cheddar for an afternoon climbing

Saturday afternoon saw a great escape to cheddar for a quick blast with Vic’s and Steph, after being beaten to the warm up by another group, then digging out all my spare clothes because the girls had warn t-shirts and shorts to cheddar, never a good idea, as climbing at cheddar is an education in […]

inspiring and helping young people through climbing

Tonight saw the first official meeting of what will hopefully go on to be a charity organisation with the aim of bringing young people who may be struggling in society and at home into climbing, climbing indoor and out. The charity will use climbing as a way to break down barriers, engage those who need […]

Dylan becomes a climbing rockstar

[fusion_text] Hanging out at Bloc after work last week I found myself with some spare time and my D700 camera,  having wanted to get around to playing with the film function and the editing side of things this was the perfect time, it was also a bonus because Dylan, Ron son was in, he was climbing, skating and training (well training for […]

Jumping of the balcony at UCR climbing centre

[fusion_text] An old video but one that still brings a smile to my face, this video shows me and west playing around with dynamic belaying at Undercover rock climbing centre in Bristol (in between work!). So for those saying you cant catch your leader softly with a gri gri, think again. Thanks to Matt Cox […]

Mindfulness Vs Body Awareness

Callum Nicklin blogging at TribeofC wrote recently on body awareness and what this means to him, I had discussed with Callum the idea of body awareness in relation to climbing many times and yet had never really considered what it really meant to me and how I would describe it to a group of students if or when […]