14 07, 2015

Climbing at Tirpentwys

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Wow; what a crag! Tirpentwys is an absolutely fantastic crag for those wanting to take the first steps into sport climbing outside or to push their grade from 6a/6a+ upwards with confidence. Highlights: Fantastic bolting. Easy access. 10/10 crag comfort. Almost completely solid rock with little to no chance of [...]

26 06, 2015

Climbing at Tirpentyws

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Climbing at Tirpentyws, wow what a crag! We managed to sneak out of Bristol for a sunny climb this Sunday and it did not dissapoint. A absolutely fantastic crag for those wanting to either take first steps into sport climbing outside or push their grades with confidence (if climbing at [...]

18 06, 2015

Climbing at Carreg Y Barcud

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Stag do day 3, 3 I think, not sure it all got a bit hazy after day 1… at some point on the trip we climbed at Carreg Y Barcud. Windy as hell and much much steeper than it looks we ab’ed in to the solid try ledge that graces the entire crag. Ron and Dave climbed side by side Ron on a HS , his first trad climb for years and Dave on an smart but thin looking E1, all was well and calm for a time, then the holds quickly ran out and the sky hooks found them selves no longer on the harness and held into place with some trusty bluetac...

8 06, 2015

inspiring and helping young people through climbing

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Tonight saw the first official meeting of what will hopefully go on to be a charity organisation with the aim of bringing young people who may be struggling in society and at home into climbing, climbing indoor and out. The charity will use climbing as a way to break down [...]

7 06, 2015

Dylan becomes a climbing rockstar

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Hanging out at Bloc after work last week I found myself with some spare time and my D700 camera,  having wanted to get around to playing with the film function and the editing side of things this was the perfect time, it was also a bonus because Dylan, Ron son was in, he was [...]

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