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It was great to see another Corporate Competition go so well at Bloc Climbing Centre, After setting this one and the previous one up it was a real shame not to be there this time.

I had a trip to Font planned and was gutted not to make it to see all the guy and girls climbing, although climbing in Font is not a bad reason to miss a indoor competition, Especially as this trip I was given a brand spanking pair of Madrocks Sharks to try out this trip

I hear the whole climbing trip was a big success so well done to all those that took part

The results taken from Bloc Climbing Website

Team Results

Team Company Score
1 Smashing Dyson 544
2 Cardiff School 540
3 UWE UWE CfS 530
4 Atlas Genetcs 521
5 Church Goers 518
6 Mountain Rescue Rolls Royce 513
7 Abbey Wood Abbey Wood 500
8 Outside Evolution 471
9 Hungry Shortys Dyson 459
10 The Terminators 347
11 Byology 346

Male Finals 1st Max Ayrton, 2nd Nick Whinster, 3rd Will Chivers

Male qualifier results

Max Ayrton 200
Nick Whinstar 192
Will Chivers 192
Dan Hutch 191
James Latus 191
Mike DC 187
Hisad F 187
Ross 187
Tom 182
Josh Mutlow 180
Ben Crichton 177
Gav Edwards 171
Tom Hall 171
Paul Harrison 165
Alex Goerge 151
Mike Moreton 150
Ben Collier 144
Nic Mackenzie 130
Kaori 40


Female Finals 1st Ashlee Caddle, 2nd Claudia Hesleden, 3rd Liv Pearson

Female qualifier results

Caudia Heselden 188
Ashlee Caddle 187
Liv Pearson 179
Andrea 171
Hannah 161
Amy 152
Lisa Moreton 125
Sophie Deal 101


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