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Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the year 7’s at St Mary Redcliff and Temple school. I was working for Design Deliver facilitating the School Challenge Teamwork and leadership sessions along with Alex George.


We ran 3 sessions per day for the 5 days of activity week. Each session was aimed at increasing the ability to work under stress, in large groups and to get to know all the other people in the school year.

The sessions were great fun but also on occasion created a lot of friction!

The friction was good though as it lead perfectly to many teaching points throughout the week. This year at SMRT was the best yet, every session had its interesting characters of course, but overall SMRT are lucky to have a great YR7.

The Teamwork sessions

Alexs sessions were quieter, though provoking and yet potentially stressful, while mine were slightly louder involved lots of team work and could easily go wrong if the groups did not appoint a firm leader.

The session I ran started off with some easy warm up games, moving on to harder ( as seen in the picture above ) puzzles and finally onto the ever annoying Ski Walk needed excellent teamwork just to complete let alone set a good time.

How the Days and sessions Finished

Each session and the days themselves ended with a full debrief and review of the activities, it was important to have the YR7’s really get in the mindset of the day and to evaluate their own performance, it was fantastic to see so many young people diving into this role headfirst and learning this ability at such a young age.

All in all a great week!

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