Matt Cox completes Adrenochrome 8a (Deep water solo “Ground up”)

Matt Cox (Sponsored by RedChili) has done it again, in between working hard, creating babies and not much climbing, has, after a few visits completed the Deepwater solo climb Adrenochrome which goes at the solid grade of 8a.

Not only did Matt complete Adrenochrome, a must do project of his, he did it “ground up” or I suppose sea up. Climbing a route “ground up” means to climb the route with out looking at the top out holds, abseiling to look at the route or top roping the line, the only way you know where and what the holds are like is from what you can see from the ground or as you climb the route, that means that as you hopefully reach a high point on each attempt you still have no idea what is coming up and on a 8a thats is a big task.

No matter how it did it, it is was ace to be there to watch him and put together a little video of the route in between my falls of a lot of other routes.

ClimbUp (Official Press Release) – changing lives for the better through climbing

New Bristol based charity kicks off with great promise. ClimbUp Bristol is an idea inspired by a group of local climbers to give young people in danger of social exclusion a route back into mainstream life.

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The charity offers students one to one mentoring from an experienced climber, the simple aim being to offer the young person a new life passion, a new peer group and a new set of values.
Anyone involved with climbing or bouldering will tell you that this is one of the positive side effects of the sport, with its focus on trust, physical strength and mental endeavour.
Bristol is the ideal city to open this new venture. It has recently become the foremost city in the UK for the sport of climbing, there are now four purpose-built indoor centers and the area is surrounded by natural cliffs such as Cheddar gorge and the Avon gorge.
The aim of ClimbUp Bristol is to be completely life changing for few individuals rather than giving lip service to everyone.

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