Helping Hannah Slaney with her climber profile website

Paula Slaney came to me to ask for help with a site for Hannah Slaney. Hannah wanting to raise her profile to help gain more sponsors to aid her climbing carrier along with document her climbing career was in dire need of a good, clean and solid site.

Paula was also in need of site that Hannah and herself could update easily with blog posts while also added results and possibly new pages.

WordPress it had to be.

Half a day later I had changed Hannah site from this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 08.27.53

To this

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 08.27.21


And this
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 08.31.58


The site now has plenty of scope to improve, a solid back end and works on all mobile devices such as your iphone. We still have a lot to do but its a start. After a few lessons I hope both the girls will be editing and updating all on their own.

Keep an eye of the site as we progress with it.

This site was done fast and simple, with I hope, as little stress for Paula as I could possibly manage. If you need some quick help with your existing site or want you current site quickly replaced, get in contact me through any of the normal channels.

First trip Sport Climbing in Brean Down


Last Tuesday I found myself at Brean Down. Gavin Edwards, a friend from Bloc, had never been sport climbing before, or rather, had not been hard sport climbing, knowing Gav was strong inside I was keen to take him onto the rock.

Gavin, with his military background had be a adventure based climber for many years but now with his grips in Blocs bouldering centre he was keen to make those hard moves outside to see how he got on.

We Left Bristol on a early Tuesday morning and headed to “Costa del Brean”, nicknamed due to its sun trapping cove and beach.

high tide while climbing at brean

Normally an easy walk in to the climbs is expected this time however the tide was high, very high, forcing us to walk around the top rather than across the beach. Gavin seemed unable to escape the adventurist part of climbing.

For more info on climbing at Brean Down visit UKC here



A happy Gav after a days climbing
A happy Gav after a days climbing

Varsity 2015 UWE vs Bristol UNI

On Wednesday the 25th of March I held the Varsity 2015 climbing competition in Bristol for the UWE and Bristol UNI.

It was a great event with everyone helping each other out. All the climbers, even from different teams, were helping each other throughout the entire event. I even found UWE helping to tally all the Varsity scores.

Someone had to win… this year it was Bristol UNI climbing teams turn to win varsity 2015

The varsity score was based on the the top 10 male climbers and top 4 female climbers of each team so no final was needed and even a draw at the top did not matter as long as one UNI team came out on top.

However, everyone loves a final so I knocked one together with the students helping to judge, score and brush the holds, it was definitely a team effort.

After the event to celebrate or drown their sorrows both teams stayed at Bloc climbing centre for a few beers and a BBQ that they were hosting themselves.

Nothing else to say except thanks to all those that came and made the varsity climbing competition such a classic.


Importing a large .sql database file into MAMP

This article written by helped me out so much and is cleanly written I had to re-share it. Full props go to Fatheadesign.

The original article can be found here

If you are struggling to import a larger database using MAMP you may have seen this image below, if you have you now how frustrating this can be.

I can across this when trying to copy my works WordPress install and set up a local server.

Below is copy and pasted directly from



Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 4.50.43 PM

This happens to me quite often, and I finally found a workaround for this within my local MAMP dev environment.

1. Open up the file within the phpmyadmin dir with your favorite code editor. In your local MAMP environment, it should be located here:

Hard Drive » Applications » MAMP » bin »

2. Do a search for the phrase $cfg[‘UploadDir’] – it’s going to look like this:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = '';

3. Change it to look like this:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload';

4. Then, within that phpmyadmin dir, create a new folder & name it upload.

5. Take that large .sql file that you’re trying to import, and put it in that new upload folder.

6. Now, solidsthe next time you go to import a database into phpMyAdmin, you’ll see a new dropdown field right below the standard browse area in your “File to Import” section, like this:

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 5.21.45 PM

Select that dropdown, and your file will show up right there. Hilight the db, and hit “Import” – and you’re golden!

Escaping Bristol for an afternoon climbing at Wyndcliffe

IMG_8889Finally…A sunny day on a day off. Escaping Bristol and climbing was top of the list.

Myself and Dave Talbot skipped out of Bristol to Climb at Wyndcliff Quarry. I had never climbed there before while Dave apparently had “climbed everything”, apart the ones he hasn’t…

I was keen for visit due to the described short and hard nature of the climbing and Daves recommendation for bring groups or private coaching sessions there.

In short a great little crag, just of the road side and with plenty to go at. A great venue for coaching climbing and one I intend on using in the future.

Check out crag on UKC here

For coaching indoors or out you can contact me for a quick chat on 07795633933 or