Swallow Accountancy Search engine and Visibility Health Check

Search engine opt., Social performance and visibility review all before breakfast!..not a bad start to Monday


SA have been very forgiving of me recently, It has taken longer than I hoped to find the time to review their presence online. Nearly finished though, just the estimates on time and costs.

If you could do with a getting noticed a little more online or just want to know what to work on in your own time the website health and seo check is for you.



With the SEO Report

You receive the full report containing a full list of proposal to improve your site and its presence online, then if you wish to make the changes yourself or hire in someone else you can, if you would like me to quote for the changes then I can.

I try will all my work to give you as much info and choice as possible while also keeping it simple for.


Please do check out Swallow Accountancy for top quality bookkeeping and accountancy

Enjoy your day



This week: Yr7 Introduction and Development program

Tuesday and Wednesday this week I have been working for Design Deliver (Moving to Cascade Coaching) at SMRT School in the heart of Bristol.

Jo from DD had design a program for the Yr7’s aimed at developing communications and understanding of the way they and other classmates work and tackle task, group and individual.

The focus of the the sessions was an assembly based on the 5 key themes of SMRT that each tutor group has to present throughout the year.

The program was in 2 parts, 2 1 hour sessions. The first fun exercises were meant to challenge the mind with some physical aspects while creating an environment where it was potentially hard to hear each others ideas yet teamwork was critical. This was ran as a round robin, each with 10 mins.

The Tutor of the group stayed in one position so that interaction was guaranteed with each student.

The 2nd part was the more creative part, an ideas generation section, where no idea was a bad idea. each group had to select a theme and be prepared to battle if 2 teams selected the same theme. Each team had the rest of the session to develop ideas, thoughts and meanings for their theme. It was also a time to think of resources required for the assembly along with time to act out some ideas for the assembly.

Our task was to keep them focused during this time and I must say with SMRT we had no problems.

I know many will take a lot from those days and am excited to see them at the end of the year for activity week.

Good Luck Yr 7’s


Finally, Colorful fitted clothing for men. Nihil Clothing

Thanks to Serious ClimbingMad Rock Climbing Nihil Climbing for all the quality new swag they have sent my way. New Sharks with a whole bunch on brand new Nihil Clothes always excited to see what Nihil are up to now.

Favourite so far is the hoody, although I have not had time to try out the Trouser(Pants) yet. I will write another little round up as I wear them in work and at the crag.

Initial Thoughts: All looks tight and feels top quality. Good Colours, All Fitted cuts and attention to detail. not sure if I can pull off bright green trousers though. will see what the fiancee tells me ; )

You can tell they are definitely designed by a climber, tight wristbands so they don’t fall over your hands while climbing or coaching, not small but not too large hood which magically stays still while jumping around and a fitted cut around my chest. So far spot on.

oh a its probably the warmest thing I have put on for ages, I lasted about 10 minutes in it at Bloc last night.

I hate baggy clothes and every climbing company seems to be trying there best to make really great colourful clothes for girls and boring, black and baggy clothes for the men. Nihil making it more equal, proper fitted clothing line for men, maybe now I can stop buying girl clothes for me to climb in.

Got the thumbs up from Em (The Fiancee) and she is hard always hard to please so they must be good.

Check out http://www.nihilclimbing.com/  http://www.madrockclimbing.com/ for loads more info.

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3 Photos from Michelle at Serious Climbing