Summer Blast to Font

Recently we I was lucky to get away for a quick week in Fontainebleau, Font in the summer! I hear a lot of people saying… Yeah Font in the summer works !

Its hot but its a holiday, a holiday where i get to sneak in some world class bouldering. Staying at camping le Lido means we get Wifi, Crazy Golf, swimming pool, Table tennis and a bar so we are spoilt for choice even without the bouldering you always going to have a good climbing trip.

Finding the shade though and climbing in the afternoon is perfect for completing some circuits of finishing of a few hard projects if you are selective.

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A trip with a good team of mates and the girlfriend would normally be enough but this was made even better as I was delivered (As I was getting in the van) a brand new pair of Madrock Sharks from Serious Climbing along with a Madrock/Nihil T-shirt to start of my sponsorship with them.

Not expecting much from the sharks and it normally takes me weeks to months to wear in a set of boots I was blown away when by the second day they had become my climbing boot of choice for my projects, putting my 5.10’s back on for a few slabs thinking I would give them another go quickly resulted in me ditching them in the back of the van for the rest of the week.

So far the Sharks have been crushing it and back at the wall they seem to be holding there own, even having to wear them while working for long times does not seem to matter, even with the large amount of toe rubber my feet don’t seem to over heat..ever. I will let you know what i think as time goes on hopefully writing a proper review soon.

Feeling keen again for tech

With the rain and the cold coming both in full force I find my self back behind the desk getting up and running the new bristol climbing scene site while having a few new clients come up along with a few old ones looking for some more website development work.

If you have a site that’s needs some work or you would like some help or advice with anything web related get in touch today.

The New Bristol climbing Scene Site

Finally getting around to starting the Bristol climbing Scene site.

I wanted a a central place to organise events, parties and to have a listing of all the great events bristol climbing centres are putting on.

With 4 walls now its easy not to see old friends and even easier to miss an event!

Hopefully this new site will go someway to gelling the scene back together again.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 19.41.56