How remove the Title text from Squarespace with the Momentum Temlplate

The Squarespace website templates normally force you to have a Title for each page, unfortunately the Momentum Template often looks great with a full page image and of course a Title text or any text would ruin that effect.


One way i have seen others do is to put the title as ‘.’ although this is small i do not like it really as its not a clean fix and if you scroll your mouse you can spot it moving.

So the best way is to have whatever title you want, also good for SEO and then hide it using CSS.

Follow these Steps to achieve this you will need chrome or firefox for this to work, here is use chrome

Open up your site in preview mode and click ‘CSS”  on the bottom left of the page choose confirm to open up the CSS editor.

Copy and Paste this code into the Editor :

#YOUR PAGE ID #page-title{ display:none; }

Open up a new tab with your website loaded, but not logged in.
Right click and select ‘inspect element’.

inspect element



Scroll down through the box that has just been opened and find the line with ‘Body’ in it.

You will need the ‘id’ for your body tag including the ‘collection’ bit, so highlight that and right click on your mouse and choose ‘copy’ – This is the identification of the page which we will use to only hide the Title on this page.


Open your CSS editor back up and your tab with your site preview.

Paste your page ‘id’ over ‘YOUR PAGE ID’ so it looks something like this

#collection-54654123165432165413215aee #page-title{ display:none; ]


Click Save refresh your site and you are Done!


Let me know if you get stuck or you have a better way of doing this.


Good Luck

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