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27 11, 2012

Facebook Privacy Hoax … again

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On the Facebook privacy HOAX thats doing the rounds again, after a little research i came across these thoughts. again. "Nobody is forcing you to have a Facebook account, and you are welcome to reject the agreement and refuse to use Facebook...but if you’re using Facebook then you’ve already agreed [...]

27 11, 2012

Bristol Climbing SCENE Xmas Party!!!

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I am organizing a get together for all the Bristol Climbers - young, old, static, dynamic, new to the scene and hardcore vets I feel we need a party to bring us all together. A fantastic new wall been built a few years ago has brought more people into climbing [...]

6 11, 2012

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This whole voyage starts in part because of Phil Lilienthal.  So let's start there.4. Camp Sizanani.  Phil Lilienthal as guide and manifestation of the Great Spirit.  Camp Sizanini starts on 12/7. -; – I just had a lovely and informative conversation with Mary and Judy who described their involvement [...]

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