Facebook Privacy Hoax … again

On the Facebook privacy HOAX thats doing the rounds again, after a little research i came across these thoughts. again.

“Nobody is forcing you to have a Facebook account, and you are welcome to reject the agreement and refuse to use Facebook…but if you’re using Facebook then you’ve already agreed to abide by the legal terms laid out by Facebook. you are not in a position to unilaterally alter the terms of the agreement simply by posting a message,”

Simply if you dont like there FREE system then dont use it, then in business to make money and and their business is selling your data, so like it or lump it.

im not saying im happy with or like it, but thats why i have my own blog , and never sign up for groups e.t.c on FB , if your using it not matter what the Privacy terms are, your ARE agreeing to them

Have a good day tho.


Bristol Climbing SCENE Xmas Party!!!

I am organizing a get together for all the Bristol Climbers – young, old, static, dynamic, new to the scene and hardcore vets

I feel we need a party to bring us all together. A fantastic new wall been built a few years ago has brought more people into climbing than ever before, but it has also thinned many groups who have chosen the Favorite place to crank, so lets take this chance to meet back up and share some stories of life, epics trips and new borns ( i know there alot out there ) over a beer.

With another wall on the horizon and potentially more climbers on the way , i think this could the perfect year to start the now annual Bristol Climbing SCENE Party.

Spread the word and lets get the team back together.

( The Miners, Friday the 21st 8.30 onwards )

I know you all want to

Much Love

Steve winslow

find the FB event and sign up here –  FB Event Link