Hacking into WEP protected routers in UNDER 5 mins !

There are a lot of posts about this out on the net already explaining how to do this so I am not going to repeat it here , but it is important, I think, to demonstrate to anyone that reads this just how easy it is for me or anyone else for that matter to crack into your router if you use a certain type of protection found on many many old routers called ‘WEP’. Most good routers now only come with ‘WPA’ passwords as ‘WEP’ is basically broken.

However I still am finding lots of people I know using WEP passwords so rather than sitting outside their house and cracking all of them one by one to prove it I thought I would write it up along with a demo video of me sat outside my mates house, who I wont name, and cracking into his router in around 3 minutes.  that I grabbed off youtube by the user . the scary thing was, there were a lot of videos to choose from.

Once I or anyone else is inside your network then its over I can almost most definetly modifiy you router to kick you off the internet or download some nasty images that you should be looking at or  simply scan you data and hand pick out any passwords ( that are not encrypted ) out of the air, or if you still running xp or vista then anyone with a little knowledge could easily crack into your PC stealing passwords, data or add a backdoor leaving access for ever.

You might not know your using WEP so thats fine and I dont blame you, really your ISP ( internet providers ) should have replaced your box knowing full well that you could get broken into any moment, and so protected there customer but of course that costs them money so they probably gave it a miss.

Its easy to think, as most people I talk to, that it doesnt really matter, but it does, it really does, leaving your network open in 2011 is like leaving your front door of you house open when you go to work, honestly if I am in you network and can basically take what I want and leave it wide open for me to return at a later date.

So enough talk, lets watch the video below.

Credit for this video goes entirely to  . I had a video ready but for many reasons, each one as stupid as the other I have not been able to upload it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7i9WzW7xok]

Easy eh!

Thats it I have his password and I am in, now its just a matter of going after what I want.

How to protect yourself

The easiest way, instead of me listing all the ways for all the routers would be to just ring me ( if you know me ) and I will tell you how to do it over the phone or if you don’t then post it up as a comment with your make and model of your router and i can walk you through it.

If you one of those independant types, then go ahead and google something like this ” How to change from wep to wpa ” following by you router name and model ( normally found on the back ), and you will find almost instantly someone explain how to do it.

Once you have changed thats it , you wont notice any difference , except now instead of taking me 5 minutes to hack in it will take me 5 years of constant attacks.

So go ahead and please, please do and like I said. So if i have done my job and your scared enough, but still cant quiet manage to sort it, remember just get in contact with me somehow and I will happily do it for you.

Take care and stop leaving you front door open.


standing desktop workstation 3 month experiment is over

So my standing desktop workstation 3 month experiment is over, conclusion ? ….. its just hurts , so don’t bother.

In fairness it ended abruptly, I came home from a epic day long interview in london which i left at 5am for, grabbed a beer and fancied crashing and catching up with Wired , Arstechinca or something similar but you know what … standing up just ain’t doing it for me any more! standing and sinking a can of 4stripe, like jelly and marmite , just isn’t right.

So Down it came in a normal ( normal if you know me ) rage/relaxed/angry sort of thing. Quickly and not remotely quietly and with my room alot messier than when i got in 30 seconds before it was gone

So that was it im over it a good bit of fun ultimately proving pointless….ummmm i think there could be a theme forming here.

How to Get iPhone tethering to work with Linux Mint 11 ( Ubuntu 11.04 )

You want to get iPhone tethering to work with Linux Mint 11 ( Ubuntu 11.04 ) and you think this would be easy huh.

well it isn’t!

Really i should say that it wasn’t, but now i have done it and worked it out, as always its seems a piece of cake. with this in mind i thought i had better write it up.

To start we need a few things for this to work. first of all you going to need the files for the ‘ipheth’ kernal module that we are going to use, so go ahead and enter into your terminal

git clone git://github.com/dgiagio/ipheth.git

For ‘ipheth’ to work we also need at least ‘libimobiledevice’ so go ahead and enter into your terminal

sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils


sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-dev

Next we need to enter into the ‘ipheth’ folder and compile the source

cd ipheth/ipheth-pair
sudo make install



out to the folder ‘ipheth’

Then back into ‘ipheth/ipheth-driver’ with

cd ipheth/ipheth-driver

Nows the time to compile the source so enter


Next we need to type and enter

sudo insmod ipheth.ko

This last step inserts the module we have just created into the computers kernel. Now grab you iPhone and put it into ‘Personal hotspot’ mode and plug it into you computer, your iPhone now it will pop up as usual offering to start banshee or shotwell or whatever preferences you have set but this time also offer or even try to connect you to the internet automatically through Ethernet, if not go ahead and click on your network-manager and select Ethernet auto eht0 or eth1 from the list.

Open you browser and check Google.com or some other favorite site and you will be connected.

Now you have a connection to the internet where there is now Free Wifi, but remember even if there is Free Wifi, you may to choose to use your iPhone as a modem any way because this way you are using your iPhone secure connection instead of the Basically completley insecure Mcdonalds or wherever .

My suggestion would be, if you have the choice, to check FB, Twitter, Gmail etc using the iphone as this way you passwords and browsing is kept secret and then when you just Googling around reading the news or whatever then go ahead and rinse there bandwidth.