How to turn on https in google mail

This was suppose to be a nice/quick little tutorial to follow up on the HTTPS Facebook Post I did, instead it took me 4 times and on the last it turned into me shouting at my mac and then it had the cheek not to upload properly.

Any way its here now, so i hope someone out there can make the most of it.



After popular demand i have put up some of the painful recording i did making this 30 second tutorial. here it below …enjoy


Spy in the summer Sky

Finally ! Spy in the Sky got done.

9th ! redpoint and 5th of the day i finally managed to see the top of Spy in the Sky.

spy in the sky , cheddar3 different sequences and 20degs of summer heat while hiding in the bushes praying for cloud, I decide on a sequence tied in and took a sip of the Coke which Cox promised me with his life would bring me justice, he even managed to make such a bold statement as ” Winslow I am even going to remove my sunnys, so i can see you accent in its true glory”. How could i fail? with this power behind me, well that was only redpoint 8 and as quickly as i started i was down again, this time at head height with Cox as i had decided to miss the last bolt ” as to focus my mind a little more “, angry and sort of over it, almost at the point of declaring cheddar rubbish and wanting to go home,  I tied straight back in waited for the smallest of cloud cover and sent her down! – happy at last.

Tried my best to stay content for over 5 minutes , but i didn’t last.. taking a swig water on board my attention quickly went to Everday Lives of Ordinary People -7c , ah the art of red-pointing and its never ending cycle.

Shark! The best kids climbing warm up game

Shark is the quickest way to warm the kids up for any climbing session, aswell as working on some level of balance co-ordination and climbing.

It is quick and easy to brief and even easier to run. All you need is a bouldering room.

So this is a example brief

Right guys! listen up please.

You are now all fish in the sea.

The sea is ( whatever area you have spare in the bouldering room ).

Now as fish you must always! swim ( move ), if you stop moving you are out! then you must tell me your name and take a seat by me.

When I shout ‘shark ‘you must hide in the reef ( get onto the wall ) as quickly as possible, the person ( fish ) with their hands and their feet off of the floor is out ! then you must tell me your name and take a seat by me.

However if you touch the wall before I say shark! you will get electrocuted by electric eals who guard the reefs when there is no shark and you will be out! you must tell me your name and take a seat by me. ( so if I shout ‘stingray’ or ‘sausage’ and they touch the wall they are out )

There is only on more rule and that rule is that once you are on the wall you must stay there until I say ‘swim‘ as you will not be safe from the shark until then, if you fall in before unfortunately you will be out and guess what, you must tell me your name and take a seat by me.


And that’s it, make sure you give a little extra brief of course about jumping at the wall, kicking and pulling others off e.t.c and any other specific risk you might have in your climbing centre and then you are away.

Shark, a great little warm up to start a group and a great way to eat up a few minutes of any group  if they become too much to handle on the ropes.