What is Climbing and why is it good for families?

By its very nature climbing is a simple sport. No matter the climber’s age or ability they are often, if not always, trying their hardest to climb their best. As the climber and the difficulty of the climbs progress the holds get smaller and the footholds worse, however, no matter the size, everyone in the […]

Why start climbing indoors with your children

Indoor climbing with your child or children is the best sport I know of and it Bristol it has a huge scene. Climbing allows by its very nature you and your group to climbing together, in the very same area, while trying with as much passion and effort as each other and so all gaining […]

Indoor climbing in Bristol: Where to go?

For indoor rock climbing in Bristol, there has never been so much choice! There are now high-quality indoor rock climbing centres all over Bristol; 1 in Bedminster, 1 in St Phillips and 2 in St Werburghs and smaller but important wall in the University of the West of England. With these indoor climbing centres in […]

The Dart 10k and further

After getting some solid sessions in the pool realising I could probably do a lot better than I thought I put into practice some evaluation sessions. Swimming as far as could and some sessions seeing how fast I could swim. With the my best being 3000 meters in 1hr 20 and again getting far to […]